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Caught in a flood? The A-Z of managing emergencies on a rainy day

Dangers while driving in the rain come in way of skidding; aquaplaning; getting stuck in rising water/ a flood; your car getting swept away or, in the worst case, drowning. What would you do in such circumstances?  Emergencies are best dealt with by preventing their occurrence. Most (fatal) accidents that occur in flooded situations are easily avoidable if one just turned the car around and away from the area.

Avoid off-road driving

As much as possible, stick to the road while driving in heavy rain. This is because it is very easy to get stuck if you go off-road even if you are driving a SUV. It is also usually harder to judge the exact depth of a puddle of water when off-road.

Avoid moving water

Do not drive through moving water if you cannot see the ground through the water. You could easily get your car swept off the road.

Keep your foot off the brakes

Avoid deep puddles

When driving through puddles, check on the level of water. If it is above the bottom of your doors, then it is already at unsafe levels. Turn your car around and find safer areas. Aside from electrical problems on the car, deep water can result in drowning should the car get swept away. Remember it only takes around 30cm of water to move a car while 60cm of water is sufficient for a car to float away.


Skidding occurs mostly when we engage sudden brakes. Keep your foot off the brakes as much as possible. If you should reduce speed, do so by letting off pressure on the accelerator slowly. When approaching a bend/ turn, reduce speed slowly way before getting there and steer the vehicle into the direction you want to go.


When hydroplaning occurs, you temporarily lose control of your steering power and the back end of the car feels lose or detached from the overall central car system. When this happens, calm down, avoid turning the steering wheel and ease your foot slowly but completely off the accelerator. Apply slow and gentle pressure on the brakes until you regain power in your steering wheel again.

Water in car

If the worst case scenario happens and you notice water your car filling with water, roll down your windows. This will let the water out. In case the car is filling up with water fast or the surrounding area is flooded, get out of the car and onto the car roof and try to shout for help. If you can swim to safety do so and try to get to land or to a solid object that you can hold on to until help arrives.

6 thoughts on “Caught in a flood? The A-Z of managing emergencies on a rainy day

  1. Hello,
    thank you for the valuable tips and hints that are ignored by too many on Kenyan roads.
    What I am missing is the detail about the wear of the tires and maximum recommended speed
    – minimum profile depth check
    – maximum tire-age checked
    – maximum speed on the wet road
    All three will have a major impact on the tire adherence to the road.

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