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the front and back of the new kenyan NTSA smart driving license

How to get the new NTSA smart Digital Driving License

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) started rolling out the new generation smart driving licenses in April 2018. The new NTSA smart digital driving licenses look almost like the National ID and contain personal data including your Blood Group. The digital license will have a secure computer chip containing the driver’s information, which will only be readable through special electronic gadgets which are owned and will be managed by NTSA officials. A key feature of the card is the points system that sees points deducted for every traffic offence committed. The technology will encourage good driving habits and reduce the cost of motor vehicle insurance.

Old Kenyan driving license
The old Kenyan Driving License issued before Kenya attained independence IMAGE: Courtesy

Currently, NTSA is in talks with insurance companies to facilitate a new premium pricing model that will partially rely on smart driving licenses to enable them to reward good drivers with lower premiums and raise those of bad drivers. NTSA will have a centralized database profiling driver behaviour where repeat offenders will lose points to an extent of having their driving licenses suspended temporarily or confiscated for good.

Other penalties include on-the-spot fines and/ or attending mandatory refresher driving classes. NTSA Director-General Francis Meja revealed that transactions for instant fines would be cashless in a bid to tame corruption.

Old Kenyan Driving License
The current license that is being replaced with the Smart driving license

Registering on TIMS

Follow the following steps on how to register on TIMS to create an account on the Transport Information Management System (TIMS) website by National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA):

  1. Open your browser and direct it to tims.ntsa.go.ke
  2. On this page you will be presented with three options:

If you are visiting NTSA portal for the first time? Here’s how to register on TIMS

  • Click on the Register an Account link will direct you to the eRegister An Account page. It is from this page that Individuals, Dealers, Agents, Financial Institutions and Companies register on the platform.
How to register on NTSA TIMS (Transport Integrated Management System)
How to register on NTSA TIMS (Transport Integrated Management System)
  1. Click on the Individuals option.
  2. You will be prompted to input your ID Serial No. Be careful not to input your ID Number as what is required is the Serial Number. If your have replaced your ID within the last two years you will have to use your old ID Card’s serial number. (In case the system rejects any of your details you are advised to visit NTSA offices)
  3. Add your KRA PIN Number.
  4. Add your Mother’s Maiden Name.
  5. Add your Occupation and Phone Number.
  6. Request a verification code by clicking on the button next to the phone number.
  7. Input the code you receive on your phone in the verification tab to complete the verification process.
  8. You are now registered on the TIMS platform.
  9. Head back to the home page tims.ntsa.go.ke and Sign In.
  10. Once you have changed your password, click on the “driving license” menu and select “Apply for smart DL”.
  11. You will be charged KES 3,050 and once you have completed the payment and it is processed, you will book an appointment with the NTSA
  12. At the NTSA offices, your details will be confirmed, a passport photo of you and your finger prints be captured
  13. After you have registered, your digital driving license will be ready for collection in 5 working days. (But this is taking longer due to the huge back log they have.)

183 thoughts on “How to get the new NTSA smart Digital Driving License

        1. Just carry your invoice which says PAID, together with your old passport, this should be sufficient.
          I have produced these a few times without issue as the police also knew about the backlog of issuance of the new DL. But by now I think it has become smoother to get.

        1. Subscribe to ntsa sms service first. To subscribe for NTSA SMS:
          Visit SMS portal: Subscribe SMS.
          Enter you phone number and subscribe.

  1. Point number 13- Not after 5 working days.
    A relative did the confirmation and photos at NTSA on 26 June 2019 and was asked to go for his digital driving license in August 2019

      1. Hello Am duke nyakundi I have 2 classes of interim class be and class A2 how can I combine so that I apply for smart Dl
        Plz help

        1. Why is Ntsa changing classes after applying smart DL. For example, mime was BCE b4 I did by PSV exam. After passing my exam, it was reading B,C,D1,E. Then after applying for smart DL, it is now reading, B,C,C1,D1. Yet am not able to access PSV licence 3 weeks now after passing my exam. I have job waiting for me but I can’t go on coz TIMS account is not linked to Issuing of PSV licence

          1. I have applied for my smart DL which was initially ABCDE now after application my new waiting form reads class B. What does that mean?

      2. I want to apply for my smartcard driving license.
        Do I need to submit my blood group certificate to ntsa or is not necessary? And can I apply at any ntsa offices in Kenya?

  2. I applied for DL replacement about 3years ago and paid a fee of not less than sh1700.I visited NTSA 3 times and then asked to go and wait they will call me..since then to date.How do I reclaim my money so as to apply anew?

    1. Hi. Are they now issuing the new licenses? I know that the machine had broken down. Is there still backlog because I applied for mine in August

        1. Hi team,i just checked on my TIMS account,my driving licence details are not updated. I did an exam,it was endorsed but still reads BCE,What should i do to rectify?

  3. Due to printing problem ntsa not giving smart card but atlest temporary they have to give printed licence still they are not able to give smart card.how many month we have to wait? Why we west our time and loss of interest of legal fees?

  4. Smart card DL is absolutely smart. I will apply for it as soon as possible. thank you so much.

  5. I had renewed my old DL licence for 3yrs and paid 3000. Is it possible to get a new smart DL without a double pay?

    1. Hi if i am waiting for the smart DL what should I use to drive? Are they giving a temp document as the sms search still says expired but on the website it shows smart DL is valid

      1. The amount you are charging is very high.Why do you treat Kenyans this way?Not everyone cab afford to cough 3050ksh.

  6. What do you do to a driving school where a student has paid all fees and when it comes to tests the student is told that the school will process the DL for him in a week’s time, then they go silent. Am talking of Unik Driving School, Mombasa

    1. Hi. It’s not possible for a driving school to get for you the physical DL you will need to personally apply for it.

  7. What will happen to cash remaining in your old driving license? In my case, I my DL will expire in 2021. Please advice.

        1. Hi I aplied asmart card DL on early July since that time til now I haven’t got it ikeep on going to check the answers r come after two weeks finally they told me they wll cal me its two weeks they have not cal what do I do?

  8. I be renewed my DL last month June 2019 for three yrs ,if l want the smart one how much am l supposed to pay.

  9. When I review my driving classes I can’t see one endorsement. I mean am a holder of A2, B and C1 but on the tims account I only see B,,C.
    How’s that.?

  10. Regarding vehicle kcj199h, when will I get the third identifier sticker? It’s been not delivered to Ntsa Machakos since 3rd October 2018.

  11. After payment you wait until appointment day which takes longer like one month, then after photo and biometric depends on the information you gave is correct

  12. Hi I passed my driving test last year… do I have to wait until the interim driving license expires to get the new dl or should I apply for the new smart driving license immediately?

    1. Hi Nilesh, currently there is a huge back log at NTSA am sure they will release it once they have processed it

  13. Hi, I passed my driving test last year, am yet to receive my driving license. How long should i wait to receive one, either new or old licence

    1. Hi Michael, the government is not issuing the old licences any more. You are required to apply for it personally. Kindly follow the steps above

  14. I applied for my smart DL on 12 June 2019. Went for print out confirmation at NTSA Thika. Was told the DL printing will resume End August or Early September. So, be patient I know most of you are engared to have DL especially those from driving school. It will come my sons and daughters.

  15. Dear Sirs, If you have booked an appointment and you can not make the time because of unforeseen travel. How can you book a new time ?.

    Thank you in advance

      1. Thank you – How do I reach out to you if i can not get through on any of the number. I have been on hold for 2 hours today and given up on physically getting through to you. Which is why I wrote.

        The question is: if you can not make the appoint, what is the procedure to book for a new time ? (without trying to call you)

      2. This is not a duplicate as it will not allow me to send you an additional msesage

        Thank you – How do I reach out to you if i can not get through on any of the number. I have been on hold for 2 hours today and given up on physically getting through to you. Which is why I wrote.

        The question is: if you can not make the appoint, what is the procedure to book for a new time ? (without trying to call you)

  16. I applied for the smart DL in late June 2019 , paid 3050 and was told to wait for one month. My current DL expired on 19th July 2019. What do I do in the meantime?

    1. I have a problem my test booking any time I try I get answer as follows “No pending application” and my PDL has expired so what is the problem and can it be solve cause I need a driving license cause its to long since September up to now. Plz look upon it we are suffering we who registered with Tims accounts

  17. I also did an exam but I did not apply for the interim, would I be able to get my driving licence?

  18. i would like to apply for a psv class. i have been driving lorries for over five years with bce class but i would like to drive psv vehicles. what should i do or go? felix from machakos

  19. I lost my old driving licence and applied for a duplicate on Feb 2018 through the whole process including submitting supporting documents but since then, my licence has still not been processed. Kindly advise accordingly.

  20. Thank you very much you have saved me a lot of money by digitalizing the renewal of driving license I hope other government institutions will follow suit. We need your office hear at Kitale please! Thanks in advance.

  21. NTSA should now open other offices country wide not to only force us come to upper hill to get the services please.

  22. I applied for smart dl since 7th July of 2019 upto to today 6th of September 2019 i have not receive the licence clearance certificate of police more worst two months and 7 days still on processing not receive yet what digital life this is

  23. At this era NTSA should use ID number, I have a cyber in town and this serial number causes a lot of inconvenience since most people have already replaced their ids

  24. I finished my test on 4of September and I needed interim driving license but on ecitizen ,when I wanted to download it there was no longer provision for it ,I was able to download pdl only,how then will proceed to get my license pls advise

  25. I lost my old dl but when i visited ntsa office they only told me to apply for new smart dl. After the application how do i drive without dl

  26. I have made all the requirement for the smart DL 5 month and yet Iam not getting my DL tel me where the problem is coming from

  27. please I did class BCE and my interim was for BCE but because of failure to get the alien card in time, I delayed to pick the license, im wondering they are giving me B,c,c1. why and not BCE?

  28. I am trying to register on the NTSA website in order to renew my license. However, the system keeps saying my mothers maiden name is incorrect. I have my birth certificate right here and I have referred to it multiple times. How is that even possible? This new system is such a failure. Why not just revert to the ecitizen portal that was actually working.

  29. I am inputting the correct ID sno and Pin Certificate number however verification process not going through. Whats the way forward?

  30. Hallo, I applied for a smart DL in June 2019 to date have not collected , and my interim dl has expired kindly advise!

  31. Hi Admin,

    How can I know that my smart DL is ready for collection from the TIMS portal? Is there any change in status or a message will be sent to me?

  32. Hy iam Abaa, i reached step 3. of the application, but it rejects my KRA PIN, it says “The PIN doesn’t exist!” why this and i have opened my kra pin on 11/Feb/2019..?

  33. mothers maiden name is incorrect,yet I am copy pasting direct from her ID,how is that even possible or you gave my mum a new name?

  34. My application for the Smart DL is not going through. Keeps telling me “Error Occurred” What could be the problem?

    Thank you.

  35. This has been so helpful. Through your instructions, I followed step-by-step and registered in the NTSA site provided, and made the payment.
    Thank you very much for your assistance.

  36. A person may apply for an instructor s licence if that person meets the minimum conditions for the relevant class of vehicles. An application for an instructor s licence should be made to the Authority and should be accompanied by documents as provided by the Rules.

  37. IS IT TRUE B,C,E licence is replaced by B,C,C1 in new curriculum? my case is B professional endorsement but when I click psv it’s WARNING for class D
    …. @@@kindly guide…

  38. I applied for Smart Driving License on 21 June 2019. I visited NTSA Mombasa on 28.11.2019 to check the status for driving license. They told me to update classes. What does it mean? Also they told me picture is not clear. Kindly advice me the way forward. Thanks

  39. I applied for the smart card driving license one month ago but no feedback of collecting is given. This is taking too long. Please, what’s the way forward?

  40. I have not renewed my driving licence for 4 years it has been at home but I was thinking of renewing it. now will it be a problem to renew or should I just go back to driving school and start again

  41. i want to regester my account to the system to get my licence and i have put in my id serial number a thousand times and its telling me incorrect there is no such person ….so whats the way forward now

  42. Kindly Assist on how to apply for an interim DL. initially their was a straight forward link after clicking DRIVING LICENCES…..ama ni hii driver license nc option ?

  43. When are the C1Light track Students going , to be put on system for them to book for there test this month..

  44. I have been trying to register for the digital driving license but whenever I input my KRA pin in the prompt they tell me that it doesn’t exist yet I have confirmed that my pin has indeed been registered and is active.
    What could the problem be?

  45. I applied for smart DL on 12TH NOV 2019 nikaambiwa ningojee 2weeks its now 2months and I don’t now what’s the problem

  46. What shld i do to get the smart DL & serial number in my Id says that it has been used,,,i cant acces Tims

  47. I applied for my smart DL last year october and was told i will receive an sms once its ready since then i have received no communication

  48. Dear Sir/Madam, I renewed my driving Licence on 11th Jan 2020 for three years @ a fee of ksh 1,450/= and later in the week after renewal a notice was Issued for the Smart Licence to take effect by July 1st 2020. What will happen to my Licence?

  49. What happens if you already have a valid driving license for the next 3 years? Does the money already paid towards it go just like that or the new digital Driving License can serve as a replacement of the old driving license?

    How does the data get mixed up in your portal?
    I have submitted my details through the portal and received a reference number for acknowledgment.

    How long do i have to wait for updating the status?

  51. Why are you then still issuing old DLs since 2018 when the smart DLs was launched up to now? Isn’t this a question of double payments?

  52. have created an account new ntsa portal the digital DL, but some details are not correct, like driving classes, date of birth, how can i apply for correction of the details.

  53. Hi
    I renewed my old driving licence in November for Three Years, now that there is a directive by the CS to get the New Digital ones, What will happen to my Driving Licence? Will the money I had paid for be transferred to the New Driving Licence since it is supposed to expire in 2022

  54. Hi admin, is there limited time for changing from the old one to new, am working abroad and chances for me coming to Kenya are limited, thanks.

  55. I am a new applicant for a driving license.I have interim but applying for Smart DL has failed many times.It keep saying. An error has occurred.What might be the problem

  56. i have renewed my driving licence for three years and i want to apply for smart DL and my mothers maiden name has an issue what am i suppossed to do yet i cant get time to visit NTSA office

  57. I applied my licence more than a year ago but dint receive my licence yet so if i apply for a digital one do i have to go to ntsa coz its still shows me its pending.
    I did my training with AA on 2018

  58. i have the old driving licence with classes BCE will the new licence have class A updated if not what are the requiments

  59. I have applied for smart DL several times and it fails, what will I do and I did exam February this year

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