What is AA Kenya?

AA Kenya is the largest Automobile Association in Kenya with over 100,000 members and branch offices in all major towns countrywide. Internationally we are affiliated with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) which represents over 100 million motorists worldwide.

Our Location

Renaissance Corporate Park, Upper Hill
Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: 0709933000
Text:  21062


Email: aak@aakenya.co.ke

Why AA Membership?

Kenyans are known for the very strong social support network.  There are thousands of social groups that bring people together for various reasons and thousands of resident associations for people living in the same neighborhoods.

Members of these groups come together to support their members in times of happiness and sadness and most of them a phone call away.

But what happens when you are on safari and your car gets stuck?  Your friends are a phone call away but none of them can reach out to you for help.

In such situations the Automobile Association of Kenya’s (AA) kicks in to help you.  AA of Kenya is members’ motoring organization founded in 1919 to whose objective is to  promote and safeguard the interests of its members and of motorists as well as provide information and advice on all matters relating to motoring including acquisition, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles among others.

AA membership offers a wide range of motoring solution to its members and other motorists in general to keep you safe on the road.  It is the friend who is on call 24/7 to help you when all others can’t.

The rescue team made up of brilliant mechanics will come to your rescue when your car stalls on the road, your battery runs flat or the tyre is.  In case you run out of fuel, the Rescue Team will deliver fuel to you, enough to take you to the nearest fuel station. If your vehicle cannot be repaired at the road side, AA will tow the vehicle to the nearest garage or a place of your choice.  Every possible care is taken during the exercise to ensure that no damage is caused to the vehicle

The AA has a specialized fleet of dedicated vehicles for rescue, towing and recovery. These include road side assistance vans, breakdown vans and recovery vehicles to support a wide range of breakdown situations that our members find themselves in.

AA of Kenya is the largest breakdown service provider in Kenya with 27 branch network country wide.  Where AA does not have representation, reputable garages and agents are contracted to support our members.


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International Driving Permits and Carnet de Passage

Many motorists may be faced with dilemma while travelling abroad.  With scanty information on the traffic laws and requirements in the countries they are traveling to, many, albeit skilled drivers fear driving abroad.  AA Membership will give you access to motoring information as well as avail to you documents that make your driving in foreign territories easy.  AA being the only authorized issuer of the International Driving Permits and Carnet de Passage (car passport) will guide you if you plan to drive while abroad.

The International Driving Permit which is a translation of your local license allows motorists to drive in foreign countries without having to obtain the local driver’s license.  This does not require you to undergo any driving lessons.  One only needs to present the required documents to any AA office and is issued on the spot.

The Carnet de Passage (Car Passport) is an international customs document which covers the temporary admission of motor vehicles in foreign countries. The document removes the hassle of lodging your original logbook at the point of entry and sometimes the requirement to leave cash deposit with customs officials. This service is especially important for tourism, adventure, business travels, motor sports and study travels.  This document is processed within 48 hours on receipt of the required documentation.


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Motor Vehicle Inspection and Valuation

Motor vehicle technology is very dynamic with more sophisticated and smart cars being pumped into world economies every day.  The needs and demands for the modern motorist and the industry has also been consistently changing.

In Kenya hundreds of thousands of second hand cars are added into the Kenyan market.  Choosing a vehicle to buy can be hectic and stressful experience especially if one is purchasing a used car.  The process is an outright gamble.  A car purchase brings pleasure and smiles if one gets a car of his/her dream.  It can however turn to be a nightmare if the glaringly beautiful car turns out to be having major defects a few weeks after purchase.

The AA of Kenya which is the only accredited institution in East and Central Africa to ISO-17020:2012 for Motor vehicle inspection and Valuation has impressive background for motor vehicle valuation and inspection spanning over 40 years.

Motor vehicle valuation and inspection has several benefits inter alia; to determine the condition and the value of a vehicle in order to establish the right insurance premiums thus avoiding over or under insurance; to determine realistic value for disposal/sale including value and condition of a vehicle when using it as collateral for loan.  Post-accident repair inspections help the owner to determine the integrity of the repairs.  This may be done where the owner feels that the repair work is substandard.  Accident assessments determine the cost of repairs of an accident damaged vehicle.  Pre-accident and pre-fire assessment help in determining the value of the vehicle prior to an accident or fire damage.  Quality inspections is conducted for new vehicles immediately they are bought from show room or after undergoing body building.

It is worth noting that not all vehicles that look ‘new’ are actually new.


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Insurance Services

AA of Kenya offer insurance services through AA Insurance Brokers (AAIB).

Clients can access services from as early as 7.00 am to 6.00 pm on weekdays and up to 1.00 pm on Saturdays.  AA Insurance Brokers has a set of insurance experts to handle the various insurance needs of our customers.

AAIB plays a critical role to our customers by relieving them off the administrative burden of having to deal directly with the insurance companies; thus freeing them to concentrate on their core businesses.

Our products lines include insurance in; motor, medical, property, marine cargo and general insurance.  We also offer WIBA, Pension Schemes, Group Life and Personal Accidents policies.

AA membership offers holistic motoring solutions to members.  It is the ‘phone call away’ friend that every driver needs either while on the road or intending to travel.


Joining AA Kenya will assure you a stress-free motoring experience. We are there for our members all the way: when learning how to drive, when purchasing a vehicle, when your vehicles need to be repaired and even in the eventuality of an accident, you can call our emergency Roadside Assistance Team and we will be there. Become a Premier,Prestige or Classic Member today. 

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