One sure way of enhancing driving safety is to ensure that the drivers have the right driving competence levels. Firstly, Vehicles are expensive assets and secondly if mishandled , vehicles are dangerous machines; thus it is important to confirm that those who are entrusted with vehicles have the right competence. An organization would carry out a driving competence assessment for a driver before he/she is employed to determine driving suitability. The assessment can also be carried out for drivers who are in employed within an organization as a driving safety audit exercise for the organization to confirm that the drivers are fit and alert to drive. In addition , driving assessment is a sure way of identifying training needs for drivers.

The AA is renowned for carrying out driver assessments. Many candidates (drivers) are assessed by AA every month. The drivers are drawn from corporate organizations, Government parastatals/Ministries and private motorists. The assessment covers the following areas (and not limited to these areas):-



After the assessment, the AA prepares a report of findings which indicates the areas of strengths and weaknesses for each driver. The client organization may chose to organize for remedial lessons for drivers who fail the test. The AA uses its purpose made vehicles to carry out the assessments. The assessments can be done during the night or day depending on the clients choice.



1. Brief Driving Assessment

This is the ordinary brief assessment carried out by AA . The test route is designed to capture most of the road conditions . The route should be about 10 kilometres. After the assessment, report of findings will be prepared.

2. AA Advanced Driving Assessment

The assessment is more comprehensive and it takes a little more time . Test routes which cover all conditions of the road including main roads, Highway, built-up areas etc are used where possible. The test route measures between 30 Kms and 45 Kms. The examiner uses a check list to rate the candidate’s performance. Tests of various road manoeuvres are included e.g. overtaking, reversing, cornering etc. Observation forms an important part of the test. The candidate is free to give a running commentary if he/she so wishes in order to demonstrate his/her ability to read the road but this is not a test requirements.After the assessment, report of findings will be prepared.


 If the candidate passes the assessment, he/she will be given the “AA certificate of competency” in addition to the report.

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