Vehicle Running Costs

You may wish to gauge the efficiency of your car, or perhaps you want to know the cost of the trip you intend to take.

AA Kenya regularly publishes a schedule of Vehicle Running Costs as a uniform guide to policy makers in Government and business, and to the motoring public. They are based on 11 main elements of fixed and operating costs, in accordance with global conventions and calculations cover 38 different vehicle classes. Each of the 11 elements is based on detailed pricing research and applies a consistent formula for calculating the price average.

Note that though the Vehicle Running Costs calculation process is scientific and very accurate, these figures are averages and should be used as benchmarks, rather than precise calculations of the actual   cost of your planned trip.

To use the Vehicle Running Costs schedule you simply insert your actual costs in a template and a benchmark against the listed categories. This allows you to compare your performance and to see where your performance could improve and by how much.

The complete booklet containing all vehicle classes plus additional information is available at AA Kenya.

Mileage booklet

AA of Kenya Mileage booklets are available for sale at Kshs 350.00 for members and Kshs 580.00 for non-members.