Road Safety

In 2007 a road assessment programme was carried out at the initiative AA Kenya in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Roads and the Local Government. The assessment covered 2500km of road network in Kenya to identify the sections of road with high fatality rates. The project was successfully completed and AA Kenya and International Road Assessment Programme are now lobbying the Government and donors for implementation of the report recommendations.

AA Kenya, FIA Foundation, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Roads have carried out training programmes for school children at the Children’s Traffic Parks located in Nairobi, Nyeri, Kisii, Kisumu and Kakamega.

To sensitise the public to road safety issues, the partnership carries out numerous road safety campaigns across the country. The campaigns are conducted in conjunction with the Police. As part of these campaigns we provide seminars for Kenyan motorists including public service vehicle drivers (matatu crews) and the school-going population (the future motorist). During campaigns we hand out tools and leaflets on proper road usage literature

AA Kenya regularly conducts Defensive Driving Seminars and Lady Motorists Auto Clinics. During these seminars, attendants are taught how they can contribute to lowering road death rates and they learn about new and emerging techniques to prevent accidents.

Road Safety Tips This Month

"Save lives - practice defensive driving!"